True 3D - A Technological Breakthrough

True 3D is a software platform that enables physicians to interact with virtual patient specific anatomy without the need for a bulky VR/AR headset.

The True 3D Viewer provides high definition visual and interaction Computed Sensory Cues to depict surgical views in an open 3D space that provides:

Multi-modality support of 3D and 4D DICOM studies

Interoperability with any PACS system

Share and collaborate on patient specific surgical plans stored as DICOM objects on PACS

Better Surgical Planning
Patient specific surgical views can lead to better validation of real-world anatomy, fewer surprises during procedures, and more confidence – factors related to reduced OR times and improved outcomes.

Improved Patient Selection
Visualizing complex anatomical spatial relationships enables surgeons to quickly understand the right treatment approach with confidence. EchoPixel True 3D helps identify patients that might had been excluded for a procedure due to limited understanding of their anatomy.

Accurate Implant Sizing
True 3D provides full 3D interaction that helps a clinician to select anatomy landmarks in 3D to better size implantable devices. Surgical – or interventional – views help confirm implant sizing and develop optimal treatment targets and approach.

Patient Engagement
Seeing their own anatomy displayed in a 3D “interactive holographic experience” can lead to a higher comfort level for patients prior to surgery. Seeing visual confirmation of the successful repair after surgery, can improve overall patient satisfaction.

True 3D Workflow

True 3D supports standard DICOM CT, MR, Ultrasound and Fluoroscopy image data through PACS or media inputs. Within seconds a clinician can interpret patient specific anatomy in an open 3D space for open surgery and interventional procedures.

Received regulatory marketing clearance in U.S. (510K)

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