The Problem

Why are surgeons forced to imagine a patient’s anatomy from 2D views when most medical images are acquired as 3D volumes? Imagining a patient’s anatomy and critical 3D interactions of a surgery using 2D images can potentially lead to a non-optimal surgical approach and poor patient outcomes.

Traditional cross-sectional imaging does not provide surgeons with interactive surgical views to help them identify the anatomy of interest and determine its location in relation to surrounding anatomy.

Lack of surgical views and poor visualization can lead to:

· More surprises and unforeseen situations in the OR

· Reduced confidence in surgical success prior to a procedure

· Extended OR time

· Improper patient selection

· Inaccurate device selection or improper navigation plan

· Increased complications, morbidity and mortality

· Longer patient recovery time and poor outcomes

Our Solution

Offering a new and disruptive approach to surgical planning, True 3D renders patient-specific anatomy in an intuitive, interactive mixed reality environment. EchoPixel’s True 3D software provides an environment where clinicians can view and interact with patient specific anatomical Form, Function and Flow for improved diagnosis and more precise surgical planning.

Providing an anatomically meaningful surgical view, True 3D enables clinicians to:

· Quickly identify the anatomy of interest and determine its location in relation to surrounding anatomy

· Enhanced detection of clinically significant structures by accurately depicting depth information which enhances the contours of the anatomy

· Interact with patient anatomy to identify optimal treatment target and approach, capturing accurate measurements, distances and angles

· Better visualize the focal point, location and orientation of anatomic structures and catheter in relation to fluoroscopy image plane

· Interactively perform virtual procedure on patient-specific data to gain pre-operative experience and confirm treatment plan